Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at Homestead Village

Nursing Care at Homestead Village is provided in the Apostles Center for Care, a fully accredited, Medicare and Medicaid approved nursing center.

Our goal in the Apostles Center is to provide a person-centered, home-like experience with quality 24-hour nursing care. Meals are served made-to-order, featuring many delicious options. Our staff gives tender care and seeks to create a warm environment suited to help each resident achieve maximum independence.

The professional staff at Homestead Village has offered quality long-term care since 1986. The Medicare-certified Apostles Center, or skilled nursing unit, is equipped to accommodate a wide range of healthcare needs. The daily rate includes 24-hour nursing care, three nutritious meals, housekeeping and laundry service. The dining services department at Homestead is qualified to meet any special dietary requirements. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and restorative nursing are all part of our rehabilitation program.

Private and semi-private rooms are available, each with lavatory, closets, and telephone and cable television outlets.

Homestead Village is proud of its reputation for outstanding, quality care. The mission of Homestead Village is to enhance the independence and dignity of each person served.

The Household

Homestead Village is transforming its 60-bed nursing home into three households, each accommodating 17 to 22 residents. Our households differ from a traditional nursing home in a number of ways:

  • Household staff members work together as a team to meet the needs of the residents.
  • Each household team is charged with working together efficiently with a high degree of trust to provide the highest quality, most home-like care for our elders. Team members are trained to work through communication and conflict issues.
  • Each household features a lounge where residents and visitors gather, small group activities take place, care planning meeting are held, and household staff perform duties such as documentation and shift to shift reporting.
  • When the households move to 14-bedroom apartments that are planned as part of new construction at Homestead Village, household staff members will assist with light housekeeping, laundry and dining service. The team will not be solely responsible for these tasks, but will work cooperatively with those service areas in order to provide the best possible service and resident-centered care.

Person-Centered Care Initiatives

Our culture change journey is now in its third year. We have focused our energies and resources on creating the best possible living environment for residents in need of long term care. We are focused on improving the working environment for our outstanding caregivers. We have achieved the following milestones in our journey towards person-centered care:

  • Implemented primary care (fixed) assignments – 2006.
  • Sent 35 supervisors to Coaching Supervision Training – 2006.
  • Began offering in-house Coaching Supervision Classes for supervisors – 2006 to present.
  • Developed a culture change mission statement:
    Caring for one another with honesty, respect and compassion – 2007
  • Eliminated a large portion of the institutional nurses’ station in order to transform the central living room into a more home-like environment – 2007.
  • Began offering 3P (Paraphrase, Pull Back and Personal Style) training, essential for self-directed work teams – 2007 to present.
  • Implemented made-to-order dining to replace meals delivered on tray carts, improving temperature and quality, as well as giving residents more meal choices – 2007.
  • Moved the activities room and dining room to create a more home-like environment and to facilitate made-to-order meals – 2007.
  • Redecorated the living and dining rooms in a bright, cheery color scheme, under the direction of a professional designer – 2007.
  • Implemented household team nursing to create a more person-centered and home-like environment for both residents and staff members, with the goal of breaking down the institutional mindset – 2008-09.
  • Created lounges for each household so that residents have an area close to their rooms for activities, meetings, and entertaining family and friends – 2009.